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Vinyl wrapping is one of the most popular fads to hit the automotive industry ever. Why? Simply because it's the easiest and highly-effective way to change the colour, style, look and finish of your vehicle without ever having to touch the original paint job, undergo costly re-sprays or spend tons of money on an expensive technique.

With a variety of colours and designs to choose from, vinyl wrapping also has the added benefit of being non-permanent, besides offering a layer of protection to the original paint job (protection from stone chips, everyday wear, and tear and also fading due to UV rays or harsh sunlight).

Using high-grade materials supplied by leading vinyl manufacturing companies, we can now offer you the flexibility of creating any finish you like. This means you can create a unique look for your ride in just a short amount of time. Thanks to vinyl wrapping, you also no longer have to drive the same boring car day in and day out. You can mix and change it up as often as you please.

Vinyl Wrapping

At Vinyl Wrap Brisbane, we offer professional car wrapping for all types of vehicles -- from cars, vans, and trucks, to buses and boats.

What’s more, if your personal taste changes over time or your promotional or branding material needs an upgrade (understandingly, the needs of a business keep changing), we can switch out your vinyl wrap without causing any damage to your vehicle. And at a fraction of the cost, it would take to get a whole new paint job done.

We specialize in:

  • Vinyl wraps that are fully customizable and which have the ability to keep the original paint job of your vehicle intact and undamaged while still giving your car a whole new look at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Removal/replacement of said wraps in a hassle-free process.
  • Swift solutions so that you are not left stranded without a vehicle while it gets pimped in the shop. 
  • For businesses, we offer commercial signage and graphics to showcase your brand to the thousands of people that your vehicles drive past each day.
  • Additionally, we also provide a complete range of signage solutions that can be used in commercial establishments such as panel signs, graphics on windows, signs for walls and banners and a whole lot more.
  • Check out more of our car wrapping services here.

Car Wrapping

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Car Wrap Benefits

A popular way to change the appearance of your vehicle, vinyl wrapping involves the use of large sheets of printed vinyl that is used to cover the exterior surface of your vehicle. The vinyl can be applied and removed from all types of surfaces easily and are a completely viable solution to revamp the look of your car. 

Vehicle wraps offer the flexibility of using anything and everything -- from full colour to creative designs, from artwork of your choosing to brand logos of your business – to customize the look of your ride. With our in-house team of designers, we can create vinyl wraps as per your specifications or assist you in picking out a particular colour for a straightforward change of colour.  What’s more, we stock plenty of design templates ready to use for every type of vehicle. 

In comparison to giving your car a paint job, professionally installed vehicle wraps is certainly a cost-effective solution… at less than 40 - 50% the price. Depending on the type of vinyl, most have an average life expectancy of 4 -10 years. For the cost of paint, vehicle wraps are a better solution and did we mention that you can change it up every now and again? 

When vinyl wraps are used, the original paint from the manufacturer is also preserved, and you do not end up losing anything on your vehicle’s resale (aftermarket paint jobs sometimes end up knocking the resale value of the vehicle). Also, unlike a paint job which takes quite a bit of time in the shop leaving you stranded without a vehicle.

The maintenance involved is also minimum as you can use soap and water to clean your car as opposed to an expensive wax job which is painstaking to get done on a regular basis. Vehicle wraps also provide countless options for colour choices that may not be available in factory paint. So if you are looking to have something different to suite your personality, vinyl wrapping Brisbane is the perfect choice.

Vehicle Signage Brisbane

Whether you are a small business in Brisbane or start-up looking to gain traction, or an already established and trusted local brand, never underestimate the power of great advertising. Radio shout-outs and jingles are always a good idea, but one cannot possibly spend on expensive radio ads every now and again, can ya?

What if we told you there was a better and relatively cheaper way to remain visible at all times? Think of how many times you drive your van/truck into town on business. What if you could garner traction for your business each time you got into your vehicle and made a trip? Vehicle signage in Brisbane is a great way to promote brand awareness and brand impression while on the road. With attractive custom-made designs and graphics that are crafted with care and attention to detail, your fleet of vehicles can be easily converted into a medium that will grab advertising mileage as they drive down the streets of Brisbane.

With on-vehicle signage, the cost per impression is also considerably low and your business can gather quick traction in a short amount of time making it the single most cost-effective strategy that your business will spend on. In this regard, we offer complete fleet customization of vehicles of all sizes. The process begins with getting a clear picture of the type of artwork required for the project. Our designers and signwriters will work closely with you and brainstorm on an impressive graphical look based on the dimensions available for design. Upon approval, the signwriter goes into the production stage where the artwork is printed using a specialized wide format inkjet printer onto vinyl material.

Next is the car wrapping installation. Installation can be completed at either our Brisbane facility or off-site at your premises. The entire process of installation is intricate and time-consuming and requires plenty of highly-skilled experts. In order to minimize disruption in your schedule, we closely coordinate the installation with you in a manner that makes the best use of the time the vehicle is at the shop. The vinyl used is of high-quality that offers strong resistance against fading and aging. 

Most importantly, all of the vehicle signage can be replaced at a moment’s notice without leaving any nasty residue or damage to the paint job on the vehicle. All prices vary according to the surface coverage, design, and the complexity of the installation process.

Vehicle Signage Brisbane
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How to transform your car!

So how do you go about creating a custom look for your vehicle? Start by driving into our automotive workshops offering car wraps in Brisbane.

Here, the technician will painstakingly clean the outside surfaces of your car to get rid of any loose dirt or dust which can affect the finished product. Excess dirt from the edges and surrounding parts are also removed lest they interfere with the vinyl finish. A Prep-Sol is applied all across to get rid of any contaminates. The car is then sprayed with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol detail prepping the vehicle to get wrapped.

Each panel of your vehicle is carefully prepped with an adhesive-backed vinyl sheet (large sheets of 3-4 millimeters  thick). Once applied, the sheets are gently warmed and matched to the contours of the vehicle. Prior to car wraps being used in the automotive industry, if you were considering changing the colour of your car or truck, getting the vehicle paint sprayed by an auto body shop was the only option you had. And this took weeks if not more.

The paint job, on an average, would cost you anything in the range of $3000- $10,000 (or more) which was an expensive affair. As a result, most people would do it maybe just once, if ever, and hope that the person working on their vehicle was an expert of some kind.

With the introduction of car wrapping, car owners have the flexibility and a less expensive alternative that doesn't have any downsides to it, except to make your ride look like it was one of a kind.

Boat Wraps

Need your boat wrapped in Brisbane? How about completely customizing it so that it stands out from all the others docked at the pier? Vinyl wraps are a great way of getting a personalized look for your boat. Additionally, you can add commercial messages which can be prominently displayed while you are cruising or even simply towing your boat around Brisbane.

We specialize in all aspects of the wrap process --- from the consultation to the designing (plenty of thought is put into the design and application of the vinyl so that the new graphics match the lines on the boats exterior and enhance both the boat as well as the designs on it), the printing and laminating of the vinyl to the installation. The installation process is also undertaken by our experts with extreme care to give your ride a flawless appearance.

The best part – boat wraps will cost you far less than a marine paint job and you will be able to keep your precious boat looking sharp long after its paint fades. Boat wraps are also able to withstand salt or fresh water and also lower water temperatures whether in a lake, river or ocean exceedingly well.

The time taken to complete the install is also far less in comparison to a custom paint job. Whether you choose to go in for a partial design or a full design, we use high-quality vinyl that is durable and provides a nice looking finish on all of our assemblies. Maintaining these vinyl wrapped boats also takes minimal effort as mild soap and water works just fine. The finishing of designed graphics such as logos appears to be much better as compared to a custom paint job.

Depending on the quality of vinyl, the wrap will also be fade resistant for a longer period of time. It does not matter what make/model of boat you have… or how old or faded it is. Thanks to our highest quality artwork and printing, and expert installers, your boat will be looking good as new (and super spiffy) in no time at all.

Boat Wraps Brisbane