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Looking to add your own little personal touch to your vehicle? Interested in changing the look of your boring black dashboard with a custom interior wrap?

Well, guess what. You’ve come to the right place. Interior wraps are an awesome way to infuse some life into the interior of your vehicle and transform it from monotonous ‘vanilla ’ (found in stock manufactured interiors) to ultimate and one of a kind.

And it’s not just the dashboard that could do with some tinkering. Vinyl wrapping can be used on all major plastic parts inside your car – from your dashboard to the door panels, control panels and more.

An excellent way to showcase individuality, thanks to high-quality vinyl interior wraps, the inside of your car is now only limited by your imagination.

What’s more is that this is also an excellent way to ‘upgrade’ the finish of your interiors. No longer do you need to source and fit new parts to replace worn/faded ones. Trim wraps with carbon fiber vinyl is very popular to create brushed metal finishes in a variety of attractive designs and colors.

It’s the ultimate choice in personalisation. And the process could not be simpler. The components to be wrapped are simply removed (wherever possible), laminated and wrapped. And when you are tired of seeing the same old vinyl day in and day out, simply strip it off and revert to factory configurations. Or choose to go in for an all new wrap.

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