Van Wraps

Exploit every square inch of empty space on your van to advertise your businesses signage cost-effectively. and get your company’s name, logo and brand message in front of thousands of potential new customers on a daily basis.

It does not matter whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, are looking for logo design or spot decals, a partial wrap or even a full wrap, our experienced team of professional installation experts can help you transform your vans into complete creative statements, thus giving your business high visibility, and consequently a brand identity of its own.

But how does any of this help your business? For starters, the cost incurred to install vinyl on your van is a one-time expenditure -- our eye-catching graphics made from heavy duty vinyl will last you for at least three to five years. The amount of coverage and impressions this form of advertising makes though is superior to any other recurring form of advertising.

That being said, vinyl wraps are also far less expensive than custom paint jobs (they cost 40-50 percent less on an average). They also help keep the exterior of the vehicle intact by protecting the paint job under it (this applies mostly to full body wraps).

For maximum impact, we recommend a full vehicle wrap. This ensures that your brand or commercial message is visible from all angles. However, you can also opt for spot logos or car stickers to add a touch of branding and lower the cost of the wrap.

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